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welp, i got 2 situations here:

i believe i've put defense against the defense and now i have to reupload the page. letting u know about this bug. c:

i've also just pressed end turn and i didn't have any units placed so it went to the battle phase and nothing happened.


it would be really cool to have speed up button, so that u dont have to wait that much time while the cards touch each other

Overall everything looks working except those tiny things i've noticed.

art looks sweet, however, not perfect. it's good for a 48 jam if u're not an experienced drawer.

good job, man!

is there a form of money like for example one unit could take 1 point but another might take up 2 points if yes then I cant see it

Yes, every unit has a point cost of either 1 2 or 3 I have added the cards information to the description of this page for all cards available to player, as game itself can't be updated until after the jam.


the game is kind broken when i lose and try again the cards that i think are soldiers of some sort move when their not supposed to

Thank you for your comment, a fix for this issue has just been uploaded.

cool i will test it out